Celebrating 10 years, 2010-2020

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Metrics Vocational Services Inc., a privately held Canadian organization, was established in 2010. Our founder and Director, Jennifer Chladny, has been active in the vocational rehabilitation services sector for over 20 years. Metrics offers client-centered and cost-effective case management and vocational assessment services at any step of the return-to-work process.

Metrics offers a wide range of vocational rehabilitation services and continues to develop new programs in response to changing labour markets, identified gaps in the industry, and technical innovations. Metrics’ customized programs and services facilitate a timely and successful return to employment.

We deliver a broad range of assessment services including vocational, psycho-vocational, psycho-educational, neuro-psycho-vocational, and psychological evaluations, as well as transferrable skills analyses. Additionally, Metrics provides vocational counseling, labour market analysis, job search training and assistance, short term skills training, reactivation programs, and case management services.

Our high touch vocational rehab approach and proactive strategies promote employment and independence for people with physical, psychological, cognitive, social, and employment barriers. We provide an outcome-focused approach that aims to assist individuals to reach their full employment potential and re-engage as active members of the community. Metrics believes that work is essential to emotional and physical health, and strives to assist others to identify and attain their vocational goals.

Metrics serves a diverse range of private, public, and not-for-profit organizations, including group/employer Disability Insurers (STD, LTD), private disability insurers, government programs, workers’ compensation boards, employment support organizations, auto insurers, employers, legal firms, and private individuals.

Metrics’ qualified professionals work to assess the strengths and needs of each individual. We are recognized across Canada for providing expert rehabilitation services to address diverse populations and/or individuals with multiple barriers to employment. Our team includes Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, Vocational Evaluators, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants, Registered Psychologists, and regulated health professionals. We maintain the highest standards of practice through ongoing education and training to ensure the delivery of the highest level of competent and cost-effective client care.


Metrics Vocational Services engages dedicated, certified specialists to provide vocational rehabilitation services to individuals who present with diverse and multiple barriers to employment. Our team includes credentialed vocational evaluators and vocational specialists (CCVE, CVRP, RRP, RTWDM, CCLCP), licensed medical professionals (including psychologists, physical therapists, kinesiologists, and occupational therapists), as well as other specialized consultants such as our Activation Facilitators with specialized skills in education and coaching to maximally support our clients. We maintain the highest standards of practice through ongoing education and training to ensure the delivery of the highest level of professional competency and client care.

Meet our Executive Team:

Jennifer Chladny


Location: Ontario

Debbie Nelson

Business Operations Manager

Location: Ontario

Teresa Winslow

Specialty Services Team Lead

Location: Ontario

Tracy Oman

Vocational Rehab Services Manager

Location: Saskatchewan

Tracey Kibble

Vocational Rehab Services Manager

Location: Nova Scotia

Marg Smith

Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

Location: Ontario


  • Monique Arsenault, B.Sc., RRP, CVRP TSA, RTWDM – Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Khaleeq Bashiruddin, BA, B.Ed., OCT, CVRP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Kelly Bauer, B.A., RCSS, RRP – Vocational Evaluator/Rehabilitation Specialist (Ontario)
  • Leslie Belvedere, RVP, RTWDM – Employment Specialist (Ontario)
  • Danielle Black, Hon. B.A., RRP, CVRP, CCVE – Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Bonnie Chennell, RMT, PGAP – Team Lead (Manitoba)
  • Dr. Cathy Chilly, Ph.D., C. Psych. – Registered Clinical, Counselling & Rehabilitation Psychologist (Ontario)
  • Evie Cowitz, B.A., CCRC, CCLCP, CVRP, RTWDM – Team Lead Supervisor/Project Development Specialist (Ontario)
  • Caitlin Daniel, B.A., CVRP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Maria Daudji Rolph, B.Sc., ECE, CVT – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (British Columbia)
  • Megan Derksen – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (British Columbia)
  • Josie Di Maio, Hon. B.A., R.Kin., PGAP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Christina Gallo, Hon. B.A., CVRP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Allison Gould, M.A., RRP, CVRP(F), CCVE, ICVE – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Karleen Griffin, B.A., B.Ed., OCT, RRP, CCVE – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant & Quality Assurance Specialist (Ontario)
  • Jennifer Griffiths, M.S., RRP, CVRP, CCVE – Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Corinne Groulx, B.A., RTWDM – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Sean Harvey, Hon. B.A., P.Log, CD – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Nova Scotia)
  • Hagay Jalon, B.A., RVP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Dawn Julien, M.Ed., RCC, RRP, CVRP(F), CCDP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (British Columbia)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Karp, C.Psych. – Registered Psychologist (Ontario, Saskatchewan)
  • Dr. Kristen Kaploun, Ph.D., C.Psych. – Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist (Ontario)
  • Harleen Kaur, Hon. B.Sc., CVRP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Victoria Keers, Hon. BHK – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Sherri Kofsky, B.A., RRP – Rehabilitation Specialist & Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Jessica Kuchurean, Hon. B.A., RRP – Vocational Evaluator & Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Dr. Christian Laplante, Ph.D., R.Psych – Clinical Psychologist (Alberta)
  • Laurie Laporte, M.S., RC, B.A., CVE, CCRC, CCVE, CVRP(F), RRP – Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Tracey Latimer, Hon. B.A., RRP, CVRP, CCVE – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Sarah Leroy, Hon. B.A. – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Melissa Maschke, CCDP, CCS – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Alberta)
  • Michael Neblett, RVP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Sarah Obeidi, M.Ed., B.A., RVP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Jessica Pasinnetti, M.Sc., Hon. B.A. – Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Ron Patterson, Hon. B.A. – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Taylor Richelle, Hon. B.A., RRP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Rebecca Rodgers, R.C.S.S., E.R.S.N. – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Dr. Michael Ross, Ph. D. – Registered Psychologist (Atlantic Canada)
  • Michelle Sander, B.A., CVRP, DSW – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Yura Savage, GrDip, RRP, PHR – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Alberta)
  • Dr. Andrew Shaul, Ph.D., C.Psych. – Registered Psychologist (Ontario)
  • Rana Sibani, B.A., RRP, CVRP, CCVE – Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Serena Singh, Hon. B.A. – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Lisa Smilek, B.Sc., B.Ed., RRP, CVRP – Team Lead (Ontario)
  • Ashvinie Sritharan, B.Sc., PgCStroke, MRC, RVP, CVRP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Pamela Stronski, RRP, LPN – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (British Columbia)
  • Mandy Telega, B.A., M.A., RRP – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Nancy Vanner, B.A., CCDP, RRP, CVRP, CCLCP – Vocational Evaluator & Psychometrist (Ontario)
  • Mary Virio, Hon. B.Sc., RRP, CVRP, RTWDM – Vocational Evaluator (Ontario)
  • Cherie Wade – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Maja Wojcik-Marano, Hon B.Ed., RRP, CCVE, CVRP, ICVE – Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (Ontario)
  • Lynne Zagrodnik, B.Sc., RRP, CCVE – Vocational Evaluator & Quality Assurance Specialist (Ontario)


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