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Services available across Canada


We deliver a broad range of assessment services, in addition to three types of Transferrable Skills Analyses (TSAs) and tailored Labour Market Surveys (LMSs), to allow greater customization of your request based on the current needs of each client.

  • TSA RTW Ready is used when medical stability has been achieved; includes a TSA paper review and as needed an ETE interview to identify direct entry employment options reflecting education, training, work experience; abilities, limitations and restrictions; and commensurate wage.
  • TSA Medical Required is used when medical or RTW clearance is not yet achieved or restrictions and limitations are not yet confirmed. Includes a comprehensive initial interview to gather a full functional and vocational profile; TSA is completed identifying vocational viability based on current functional information with an addendum to be completed once medical is confirmed.
  • TSA Premium is packaged with a comprehensive initial interview to gather a fully functional and vocational profile, as well as completion of a TSA, LMS, identification of training opportunities, and a Job Search Training Program.Labour Market Surveys (LMS) investigate current job opportunities for a client, based on his/her entry-level job options, as revealed through his/her Transferable Skills Analysis or Vocational/Psycho-Vocational Assessment. The survey is conducted within the perimeters of the individual’s economic/geographic area. As part of the survey, contact with employers is conducted via telephone, fax, electronic mail, and/or Internet research. Prospective employers are interviewed regarding current job opportunities within the company, job description, future labor market trends, and specific skills/education/training requirements.
  • Vocational Assessment is a customized battery of standardized psychometric tests to identify suitable alternate occupations; this is a preferred assessment with limited education, singular work history, and a higher commensurate wage.
  • Psycho-Vocational Assessment is overseen by a psychologist and evaluates intellectual functioning, vocational aptitudes, academic skills, vocational interests, personality characteristics, and social and emotional adjustment. It identifies barriers to employment, training potential, and occupational options.