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Workplace research supports that the primary predictor of disability duration is self-efficacy and each individual’s recovery experience is deeply personal and unique, with multiple factors at play that impacts their self-efficacy. As an industry leader in the marketplace of vocational rehabilitation, Metrics Vocational Services continues to undertake initiatives to review and revise our practices to align with current workplace research and evidence-based practices.

We offer both comprehensive and targeted assessments depending on the needs of each client. Each assessment includes a detailed critical analysis with recommendations outlining proposed strategies to achieve recovery which may include facilitating health care and rehab treatment services, arranging for workplace accommodations and return to work planning, and stakeholder engagement.

  1. Comprehensive Initial Assessment includes a full interview; functional & vocational profiles; initial outcome measures; treatment plan review; critical analysis; recommendations and estimated cost.
  2. Targeted Initial Assessment is used for referrals requiring targeted rehab intervention(s), specific treatment, or imminent RTW planning; includes critical analysis, recommendations, and estimated cost.

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management Services are customized to the needs of each file.

Return to Work Planning & Support
The primary focus of vocational rehabilitation is to support recovery to assist an individual to achieve a future return to work, whether it be to their own job, own occupation, or an alternate vocational occupation identified. There are characteristics specific to an individual, their diagnosis or condition, their family, their community, or their workplace which may affect their success in returning to typical activities of daily living and also their ability to return to work (RTW). Our team of experts has created a return-to-work (RTW) planning tool to be used at the outset of each referral we receive. Coupled with the Vocational Rehab Consultant’s acumen, experience, and expertise they bring to each file, this tool is used to guide RTW planning with the individual, their medical stakeholders, employers, and insurers. It allows greater objectivity to the RTW planning process, as well as promoting early consideration of RTW strategies for each specific work demand that needs to be addressed.