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It is important for our customers to receive the most objective information possible to be able to support an individual’s recovery journey. Metrics offers assessment services geared towards employers, such as Physical and Cognitive Demands Analyses, as well as functional assessments including functional screening, to more comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluations for both physical and cognitive presentations. We are also pleased to offer both on-site and virtual ergonomic assessments.

Job Demands Analysis (JDA) is an assessment that quantifies the demands associated with a specific job. Completed as a physical or cognitive; simple or complex analysis. (Physical Demands Analysis = PDA; Cognitive Demands Analysis = CDA)

Functional Assessments

  • Functional Screen (Functional Abilities Evaluation) is a physical assessment tool to obtain baseline functioning of several key job demands. Can be used as a pre-treatment assessment to gauge treatment needs, as well as a tool to assess imminent RTW readiness and RTW planning and preparation.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive 1- or 2-day physical or cognitive assessment to obtain an understanding of an individual’s functional ‘capacity’; unlike an FAE that assesses an individual’s current ‘ability’. It can be a general assessment of function or customized to a specific job that requires detailed job information about the demands needing to be evaluated.

Ergonomic Assessment/Work Site Assessment includes an on-site/virtual assessment, research into equipment needs identified, vendor contact, and a follow-up visit to ensure proper implementation of equipment/strategies.

Permanent Accommodation Assessment compares the worker’s physical/cognitive abilities with job requirements for up to four jobs.