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Legal Forensic Assessment Services

Through Legal Vocational Assessment Services we can provide Vocational Assessments, Employability Assessments, Residual Earnings Capacity Assessments, Transferable Skills Analysis and Labour Market Surveys and Life Care Planning/Future Care Cost Reports. Our credentialed professionals understand the importance of working within our scope of practice, utilizing a defensible and clear methodology as well as the importance of providing a vocational opinion that is based on extensive labour market research and data.

Our clients include both plaintiff and defence law firms as well as family law firms. Our Forensic Evaluators are members in good standing with the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals, The Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada and the Canadian Assessment, Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Society, holding the CVRP, RRP and CCVE credentials.

Vocational Assessment

This type of assessment examines which occupations best fit with an individual’s abilities, interests, and personality. It assesses learning competencies, work-related aptitudes, academic achievement, and vocational interests. The results of vocational assessments help in determining the individual’s training potential and career choices.

Psycho - Vocational Assessment

This type of assessment identifies alternate occupations for which an individual is suited by education, training, work history and transferable skills; taking into consideration abilities, restrictions/limitations and demonstrated test scores. Additionally, this assessment measures current levels of social and emotional functioning, potential for further education and employment aptitudes. A psycho-vocational assessment identifies barriers to employment, training potential and occupational options and is conducted under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

A Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) aims to identify suitable occupational options based on education, experience and physical level of functioning. Using the National Occupational Classification (NOC), the individual’s overall aptitude levels are determined by the specific skills that he/she has acquired in past employment.

Labour Market Survey (LMS)

A Labour Market Survey (LMS) investigates current job opportunities for a client, based on his/her entry-level job options, as revealed in his/her Transferable Skills Analysis or Vocational/Psycho-Vocational report. The survey is conducted within the perimeters of the individual’s economic/geographic area. As part of the survey, contacts with employers is conducted via telephone, fax and/or electronic mail, Internet research (job bank web sites), and classified advertisements in local newspapers are listed. Prospective employers are interviewed regarding current job opportunities within the company, job description, future labour market trends, and specific skills/education/training requirements.

Psycho-Educational Assessment

This type of assessment evaluates an individual’s current retraining potential and learning style, identifies specific learning challenges and strengths, and develops appropriate strategies and supports to allow the individual to succeed in various types of learning or work environments.

Neuro-Psycho-Vocational Assessment

This type of assessment is used to ascertain the extent of impairment to particular skills and identify areas of decreased cognitive functioning. It provides objective measures of aspects of cognition, emotions, personality and behaviour as it relates to a person’s vocational goals, in order to determine appropriate upgrading, retraining and transferable skills.

Employment Screening

This service evaluates an individual’s match for specific occupations and identify his/her potential for growth within an organization. It is a valuable tool for employers to maximize their recruiting efforts and distinguish those best suited for future development.