Celebrating 10 years, 2010-2020

Services available across Canada

Job Search & Computer Training

  • A combined 4-week job search and computer training program that is ideal for individuals with minimal job search knowledge or computer knowledge
  • 8 individual 1:1 in-person training sessions (16 hours total in-person training time)
  • 10 additional 1:1 support hours for resume, cover letter, calling cards, job search engines, computer training on-line
  • The client is linked to the Employment Ontario Resource Centres within their local area
  • Professional resumes, cover letters and additional correspondence to assist in the job search
  • Mock interviews to prepare for the real interview
  • Assistance with online job searching and completing application forms
  • Networking and utilizing social media

Clients in the computer program will learn how to:

  • Set up a Gmail account
  • Compose and send an email with an attachment (i.e. cover letter and resume)
  • Set up an electronic job search account with email alerts (i.e. Job bank, Workopolis)
  • Create and format a Microsoft Office Word document (i.e. resume, cover letter, thank you letter)
  • Edit a document (i.e. resume, cover letter, fax cover sheet, thank you letters)
  • Utilize a USB stick to make changes to a soft copy of a document (supplied to the client)
  • Access hyperlinks from the soft copy of the MS Word training document
  • Microsoft Office Word Level 1 training and testing
  • Access to additional independent Microsoft Office Suite Learning Modules (Level 2 to Advanced)

Job search assistance services are also available without a computer training component, for those individuals who already have computer skills.