Celebrating 10 years, 2010-2020

Services available across Canada


Metrics has been providing and continues to provide virtual assessments (Vocational, Psycho-Vocational and Psychological assessments), vocational and disability case management (including initial assessments), TSAs, Employability Skills Assessments and Training, and Job Search Training.  We utilize a secure and vetted platform.  Each session is unique to the participant – no one else can join the session, data is not stored, and sessions are not recorded.  It does enable visual document sharing without being required to upload or download.  No medical or healthcare information is stored on the platform and all clinical notes, records, and raw test data are maintained by the Evaluator in accordance with Metrics Vocational Services’ policies and our relevant College requirements.  The servers are housed in Canada and are HIPPA, PHIPA, and CASL compliant.  Metrics Vocational Services is doing our utmost to continue keeping our clients engaged and in receipt of the proper care.